Friday, September 23, 2011

No No No

I took a shortcut through Neiman Marcus today to get to the Copley farmer's market and saw this:

On September 23? This is insane.

More Christmas decorating in progress.

Today is the first day of fall, for crying out loud. Since when does the autumnal equinox cue the arrival of Santa Claus? Since today, I suppose. 

I'm not convinced it's even time to  for fall clothing; it's like a sauna outside. But I keep noticing people wearing sweaters — even turtlenecks — plus jackets, scarves, and plenty of jeans and cords tucked into boots. I've seen everything so far except mittens. And there I am, walking down the same streets, roasting in my flip flops and shorts. I found two abandoned wool scarves on the Newbury Street sidewalk the other night as I was taking a stroll. 

I guess if some people can pretend it's Christmas in September, I can pretend it's still August. 


  1. Wait until you see our post tomorrow. We'll have to link to this once it's up.

  2. You're not even the first to blog about this horror! Dr. Grumpy in the House is a blog by a neurologist (but he claims to be just your average yak herder), and he has already sounded the Xmas in Autumn alert. (If you like warped humor that's SFW, he's your fella.)

    I also noticed the winter wear about town. Verra strange.

  3. I have never understood this early Christmas thing. Retail stores do everything to attract customers and make them happy. Early Christmas trees (and music) do not make customers happy. Why on earth do the stores do this?

  4. Anonymous, I asked about that at N-M. The sales associate said, "Well, some people go out of town, you know, and they like to order their trees early and get it out of the way." I guess he was saying that people order fully decorated fake trees from N-M in September because they're away on vacation until December? I don't understand that, either!!!

  5. No, it's just wrong on so many levels. To have the stores decorated for a QUARTER of the calendar year for Christmas is nothing more then greedy commercialization. There is no way they can blame it on the consumers.


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