Saturday, September 24, 2011

Possum is a Patriot

An alert reader (yes, I've got another reader besides you, but only the one) sent me a link to the Wall Street Journal story, below. She knows that that Possum is... um... burly, and the headline gave her the impression that he is playing for the Giants.

While it's a little-known fact that I played strong safety for the Patriots back in the '80s, when they stank, I can assure Possum's friends that he isn't playing professional football. He's only 2 years old; we won't let him put on a helmet until he's at least 6. He is a rabid Pats fan, however, curling up on the bed with my husband and Bertie (and me, although I'm also reading) to watch the game. Football is a complex, strategic game; we feel he has a lot to learn (second-year geometry, calculus, chess, history of modern warfare, composing fugues, semiotics, ballet, and kinesiology, among other things) before he'll be prepared to take the field. And he may decide he prefers badminton. It happens.

Although Possum may not be on their team, I can't confirm or deny that the Giants learned a trick or two from him:

Possum demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct.

Possum demonstrates "playing possum," — rather elegantly.

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  1. PB: Whew! Glad that's cleared up. At the very least, if Possum does ultimately decide to play pro football, I'd expect he would of course play for the Pats. Just think of the lovely tailgate fare Possum's fans could enjoy - and you could make for them!


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