Thursday, September 8, 2011

Possum Perturbed

I've been feeling nostalgic lately, remembering Wendy and Possum's brief babyhood just two years ago. For one thing, my husband is reorganizing his photos and sent me several of the kittens, which I don't remember seeing.

I showed this one to Possum, saying, "Look at how tiny and adorable you were!"

He was horrified. He refused to look.

"But, Possum," I said, "I think it's impossible that any kitten could be more soulful and appealing than you were. What's the matter with that?"

He said, "I know you value physical appearance to an ungodly degree, but don't expect me to do it. Cats don't care about those things, as I keep telling you. And that particular photo is just disgusting. Any educated cat who saw that would smack me right across the nose and I'd deserve it."

"Why?" I asked, feeling very confused. "If cats don't judge by appearances, why would they dislike your baby picture?"

"I didn't say cats don't have any taste," said Possum, looking annoyed. "Surely that photo reminds you of something better left forgotten? C'mon. Think. Does the word 'Keane' mean anything to you?"

I thought for awhile. Then I remembered. "Oh!" I said, light dawning. "You mean those paintings of big-eyed children and animals from the '60s! Of course!"

By then, he had nabbed my laptop and gone to the trouble of locating one. Which is trouble if you have paws, especially paws with lots of long fur between each toe:

"Oh, dear," I said, gazing upon the Keane painting.

"Exactly." said Possum. "End of subject!"


  1. That is the definition of kitteh adorable.

  2. ...everyone at the cat hospital where I work got a giggle out of this post! And what a sweet baby pix! It would be fun to make postage stamps out of that photo! Just don't tell Possum!


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