Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three More Days...

Of free shipping from, including sale items if you buy something regular-priced, too. This promotion has been running for a while but ends on September 30, so you might want to browse and see if there's something you can't live without.

I've been living without these serving bowls, although I've admired them for ages: 

They come in lime green as well as sunny orange, and I like them all:

 They are 8" and 9" — versatile sizes — and they're pretty on the inside, too:

I've resisted buying them ($58) because I have a lot of bowls and storage space is tight. On the other hand, my bowls are all either vintage nested mixing bowls or low salad bowls that pinch-hit* when I serve spaghetti or stew — looking obviously like mixing and salad bowls. So, in the interest of living like a grown-up, maybe I shouldn't live without these forever. I examined them in the store months ago, when they still had some in stock, and they are even nicer in reality.

But then I'd have to choose a color. Both would look horrible with our antique china... but we do have a set of simple white plates... three days to decide.

* Sorry — I know baseball metaphors are rather painful just now. But it's not over yet — and don't we Bostonians relish a little drama in September?

UPDATE: Both sets of bowls are back in stock in the Newbury Street store. So I can keep procrastinating.


  1. Those are very attractive. And the shipping offer is, too. I'm guessing that you will shortly have beautiful serving bowls in your home. ;)

    In the tangentially related dept, I did a Cambridge Ave stroll yesterday and happened in to the Boutique Fabulous. It was. Have you visited there? Link at my name to the Yelp review I did for it.

  2. Ooh, antiques! Great review — I'm aiming to get to get over there. Inman Square is not a familiar stomping ground, and I need some new territory. (Everything's usually closed when we're going to the S&S.) Thanks for letting me know about it!


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