Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Away We Go

We'll be there tomorrow (if the plane lands)....

Well, I'm packed, although I wouldn't say I'm traveling light. Rolling clothing saves lots of space, allowing me to fill my little spinner suitcase with plenty of options, two pairs of boots, and a couple of books. My carry-on tote is embarrassingly heavy with guidebooks and magazines to read on the plane, and plenty of other stuff, too.

But I'm not running around panicking and repacking at the last minute (I did all that well before lunchtime) so that's progress!

Packing was complicated by moth damage I discovered as I switched our winter and summer clothes in the past few days. Moths had gotten into the zippered storage bags I've used for years; I'm mystified but not totally surprised. I took four sweaters to cleaner, who warned me that more holes might appear after cleaning. I'd only noticed moth detritus on these, not holes, so I was optimistic. But, sure enough, when I picked them up this morning, my favorite cashmere turtleneck looks like Swiss cheese in several places. I'd lost a few other sweaters, too, and mended a few more that had older moth holes.

Moths are a great excuse to go sweater shopping and actually buy some for a change.

Packing was also complicated by conflicting weather reports. Paris will either be partly cloudy and near 50 or very sunny and closer to 60 for the next few days. And it will get down into the low 40s at night. So, as usual, I need options for each day so I don't freeze or roast.

So I made a list and figured out an economical, layered wardrobe that will work for going out to good restaurants and a lot of walking in whatever weather we get. I have a warm Barbour jacket and a simple, unlined black knit coat that I got deeply on sale ($56, down from $175; I keep records) at Banana Republic a few years ago. I wore it all over Avignon last fall, and it looked just right. I also packed two pairs of leggings, three sweaters, three tees, and my new black dress, which doesn't wrinkle even when rolled up. I'm bringing several scarves. Parisians wear scarves all the time.

It's probably more than I need, but I like having options, and I also tend to spill things on myself. When I consider that I once accidentally packed about 20 tees for a 10-day summer trip to Italy, this is progress.

Possum is consoling himself with his new catnip cigar behind my chair. Snalbert had his cheese this morning. Snicky crawled under the warm sheets with me at 7:30, when I made her a "tent" under my knees. This is our new morning ritual; she always slepts with us and now returns to keep me company in the morning. Wendy is hiding, as usual, but I fished out many of her toys from under the furniture where she'd put them so she can keep busy while we're away. I miss them already.

Now it's time to cat-proof the furniture (in case Snicky decides to "protest"), pack dinner and snacks for the plane (we don't eat airline food), and get ready for the cat sitter.

Au revoir!

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