Sunday, October 30, 2011

Keeping Cozy

Our bed is always covered with cats now that our fluffy down comforter is back in use. Do they enjoy that extra layer of soft warmth? Or do they like the smell of goose down? They won't say: too busy napping.

Possum recently discovered the pleasure of crawling under a blanket to snooze:

Hmm. I think it's my turn now...


  1. Miss Maggie Mae Westie has decided that the down comforter on the BIG BED is better than her little bed. She has been joining the family for a nightly gathering.

    BTW, Mr Possum and Ms Wendy were both mentioned over in the Sunday Dog Department on BostonZest today. Mr Possum was in disguise as a dog and Ms Wendy was discussed by one commenter as a possible instigator of a trick or treat prank.

  2. My goodness! And I thought Possum was just hiding under the blankets all afternoon! Thanks for spotting him. I will have a stern word with him for not telling us where he was going. But thanks so much for the free publicity. And his costume WAS good, wasn't it?

    Miss Maggie is a clever, kind dog, who knows what's good and strives to keep her people warm and protected.

    My camera's flash has now died so photos are going to be rather dark until I choose a replacement!


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