Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let It ... You-Know-What

Finally, serious sweater weather — even coat-scarf-hat-gloves-boots weather — in late October. I didn't mind today's nasty, cold rain in the interest of wearing heavy socks, boots, and a toasty turtleneck instead of flip flops. It feels good to dress like an adult again instead of a camper. Even a louche, unemployed-or-work-at-home adult who actually dresses more like a student....

They're predicting SNOW.  And we heard heavy thunder awhile ago, which sent Mr. Possum into his storm shelter, under the sofa.

The down comforter and flannel sheets are back on the bed, our summer clothes are packed in the trunk, our ancient air conditioners were picked up for recycling today, and my snow boots have been dusted off. I'm thinking about making soup. (And also cornbread. And truffle brownies. But neither is allowed on our diet, dammit. Ten more days to go....)

If we're getting even flurries at this time of year, I predict a wild, white winter to come. Bring it on! 

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