Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Time at Wilson Farm

Beating the storm, we visited our favorite holiday hangout, Wilson Farm, for Halloween pumpkins. As usual, the place was hopping.

This wall of pumpkins is something new — at least we don't remember it last year — and wonderful. I spotted a perfect little Cinderella (or cheese) pumpkin on the wall, near the ground and snagged it, replacing it with another.

Such a wonderful, creative display idea. Kids of all ages love it.

Since we're now on Day 6 of the South Beach Diet (and sick of eggs and grumpy about vegetables, too) we could only deeply inhale the aromas of mulled cider and hot cider donuts. We could only admire the aesthetics of all the apple varieties and baked goods, including big Halloween cupcakes decorated with candy. We bought vegetables. Sighhh. And we carefully selected a pumpkin to carve and another to sit around looking decorative until it goes bad or I'm tired of it. (Last year's white pumpkins made it well past Easter. This year's pick will likely get made into pumpkin stew, risotto, or something (pie!) long before that, because they are ideal for roasting. And because I'm no longer interested in pumpkin science projects.)

There were plenty of big, classic Jack-O-Lanterns to choose from.

Then there were the more exotic varieties, neatly labeled for the most part.

No label on these, and I don't think they're popular.

"One Too Many" is a multicolored variety, but it also
describes how we were feeling as it got colder
and damper, and we got hungrier and hungrier.

To learn more about pumkins, click here.

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