Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sleepy Day

We had a lazy day today, the cats and I. I'm nursing a cold that's been keeping me up at night, and Possum took a nap on our balsam-filled sampler pillow from Mount Desert Island. Even the endless construction on the street and in the alley couldn't keep either of us awake for long. (Reading William Dean Howells can be as good as a sleeping pill sometimes, I should add.)

It was a rather sad day, too. We didn't know Mr. Jobs, of course, but he certainly has had the biggest, most positive impact on our daily lives since Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford. We've been passionate about Macs since the '80s; we don't use nothin' else 'round here. Will technology ever be as exciting and inspiring again? He exited the scene much too soon.

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