Thursday, November 10, 2011

Current Craving: Doré Crèperie

Today I read that there's been an intriguing pop-up crèperie in town since June, and it closes in just nine days.

Oh, man! Finally! I haven't had a decent crèpe in... 16 days.

It's called Doré Crèperie, at One Beacon Street. Read all about it on Why didn't they tell us all about it months earlier? And why don't they ever provide the restaurant's address in their food stories these days? I keep noticing that and getting annoyed. I guess they must all be seriously stoned over there, or maybe they're outsourcing restaurant reviews to India. Or maybe they just don't want readers crowding their favorite new hipster restaurants after they've read good things about them.

I plan to contemplate this mystery further as I'm eating my first crèpe there.

I've generously told you the address, but you should still expect to have trouble finding the place because there are no signs. (How's that for marketing genius? That thinker should work for But I think it's on the Tremont Street side.

Starting tomorrow, I will commence my making-up-for-lost-time crèpe consumption. I figure I can go there at least a couple of times while I have jury duty downtown.

Those of us who walk 10,000 steps a day know that exercising is way more fun when the destination is food, especially if you know you'll be consuming many more calories than you burned. So I'll be heading there on my non-jury days, too.

Oh. Right. I'm watching my weight.


I guess I'll be ascetic and limit my appearances there to once a day. They close at 5 on weekdays, after all. 

They're also closed on Sundays: An excuse to have two crèpes on Saturday?

Since I've been enjoying wearing my three-year-old skinny jeans without pain this week, I guess I'll stick to a savory crèpe for lunch tomorrow, even though they also offer Nutella, Nutella and bananas, Nutella and apples, and Nutella and strawberries.

Why gum up the Nutella with fruit, I wonder? It just gets in the way.

I'll let you know how they are.

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