Monday, November 21, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas....

... but it's more than a month away. By then, the premature garlands on this Commonwealth Avenue townhouse will be just like poor old Marley in A Christmas Carol: "As dead as a doornail." 

Maybe the budget for this building includes two rounds of decorating: one in November, plus a refresh closer to the actual holiday. Anything is possible when people have money to burn.

Pretty. But pretty early.

It's fine that Christmas trees and lights are going up all over the city. It's okay that there's already Christmas stuff in stores. But does that mean we all have to get into the act so early? Come on, the leaves just turned in earnest last week. There are still plenty of jack-o-lanterns sitting on stoops. It's not Thanksgiving yet. 

One holiday at a time.

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