Sunday, November 27, 2011

New iPhone Not Total Waste of Money

Well, hush my mouth.

I resisted getting a new iPhone despite my husband's daily entreaties to let him buy me one. He kept insisting I needed it, citing reasons I disagreed with or didn't understand. I suggested that it was shallow and materialistic to be embarrassed if your wife uses an antiquated iPhone 3G in public; he's said he wasn't. I think he said it had something to do with iCloud and the new Lion operating system; I care nothing about iCloud or Lion, but he cares deeply. He also said the new phones are much faster. Big deal: I use mine for phone calls, mostly, or to check email on the road. And I look at photos; I do love having an extensive photo album in my pocket. I just have no appetite for apps.

He said he wanted us to be able to see each other when we're talking on the phone. I'm more inclined to put a tiny piece of duct tape on that front-facing lens; I hate how I look on camera, I look like a sea hag.

He can't possibly have imagined I'd like Siri, the voice-activated "assistant." He knows I find "his" Siri annoying, especially when he asks her dumb questions, like, "What are you wearing?" and "What is the meaning of life?" (She answers correctly: 42. But I don't like her attitude. On the other hand, how can I blame her? He keeps trotting her out in public, like when we're sitting at the Thanksgiving table and he feels like showing off to ancient relatives who barely have landlines. No wonder there's that long, disgusted pause before she'll answer one nutty question after another in a faintly passive-aggressive tone.)

Perhaps my husband was fed up with my whining about needing a camera because Canon still isn't shipping the new pocket model I settled on several weeks ago. At any rate, I was marched to the AT&T store last weekend to order a phone and we picked it up today. One must stay up to date.

I didn't believe it when he said the iPhone's camera would be better than my Leica C-Lux, but it's true. It takes better photos in our dimly lit living room than the Leica ever did, even when the flash worked. Usually I have to color-correct and lighten the heck out of everything shot indoors; now I don't have to do much of anything.

I'm impressed, and so is Possum. See for yourself:

Tonight he helped me create a mock-up of a brochure I just designed, which is ready for the printer. He's not allowed to use scissors but he had a good time with the scrap paper.

I kept turning on Siri accidentally, so we just "disabled" her. I feel mildly guilty about this: I imagine her in a hospital bed, in a full-body cast and traction. Sorry, kid.

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  1. Did you know that someone made a movie on a bunch of iPhones?

    Enjoy and I have a few apps that you might love. Did you know that Anthropology has an app?

    And, how could you resist lion? Another feline in the house.

    But, Both Ed and I have resisted the new iPhone. We tend to keep our phones until the batteries die.


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