Sunday, November 6, 2011

South Beach Diet, Day 14

We just made it through Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. We ate eggs, meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, eggs, and the more boring vegetables — and after two weeks, we're done. We go through loads of packaging on this diet because we're going through bottles of V8, packs of rubbery cheese, cartons of cage-free you-know-whats, and more meat than we usually eat in a few months.

We only cheated twice, putting a bit of ketchup on bun-less cheeseburgers. But we never caved; we've had no desserts, candy, sugar, or chocolate.... unless one counts Swiss Miss diet cocoa. And we don't. And we think we're several pounds lighter because of it.

We tried this diet years ago; it's less strict now that they've learned more about the glycemic index. We can eat more forms of low-fat dairy and unlimited tomatoes, a non-boring vegetable. The problem for me is that I lose not only my carb cravings, I lose my interest in all food. I mean, I'm not even attracted to the idea of a grilled-cheese sandwich, or a Regina's pizza, or Halloween candy. That's weird. Eating becomes a chore when I have to think about what I can and can't have all the time. And this diet is challenging for me because meat and eggs usually don't appeal to me. Knowing I have to eat a steady diet of them and vegetables (chew, chew.... zzzz) puts me off my feed so much that I skip meals, or reduce them to spoonfuls of almond butter on celery. (Almond butter is a new discovery; it tastes like fancy wallpaper paste. I prefer pecan butter, which tastes likes expensive, crunchy wallpaper paste with a touch of sea salt.)

The benefit of two weeks on the diet, besides dropping pounds, is that we feel better than usual. Aside from the red meat and Splenda, the food is healthy; there are just no starches, fruit, or sugar. (No wonder I don't enjoy it.) We sleep better and feel less drowsy during the day. My digestion quiets down and behaves. My skin looks better. The only drawback, besides the food choices, is that without starches and sugars, we have much less energy and stamina. So we have a reason to skip the gym for a week.

In Phase 2, where weight comes off more slowly, we can eat more luxurious things like apples, bananas, and whole-grain bread. And go back to exercising. If all goes well, we'll stick with these healthier habits and won't regress to eating candy several times a day, along with our late-night dessert(s), which is what got us into this in the first place.  We're cured of that habit, at least temporarily. Right now, even a Lyndell's chocolate layer cake has no appeal. Heavens! This is against nature!

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