Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anthropologie on Sale

I took a very long break from gift-wrapping yesterday afternoon to visit Anthropologie, where all the sale items had been marked down another 50 percent. This is my idea of a great sale; I know Anthropologie does markdowns on Tuesdays, but I was surprised to see this kind of deal before Christmas. There was already a very long line at the registers when I barreled in around lunchtime. The lower level was loaded with sale merchandise, and I was inspired to try on all sorts of things I would have otherwise ignored. Those racks were emptying quickly as I made many trips back and forth to the dressing room, where a long line waited.

I think I did well.

I got this sparkly black, white, and silver sweater dress for $35 ($148). It has its own slip with lingerie straps. I own one party dress, in silk chiffon, and it's several years old. This is going out on Christmas Eve, and I might trot it out again on Christmas Day with a little black cropped cardigan and boots:

I added a crystal and silver metal belt for $15 ($48). The clasp looks like an Art Deco dress clip; I was smitten. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't accessorize or layer; I lack the gene. But this belt was hanging near the fitting rooms, and it was a no-brainer with this dress. (I'm not adding links to any items because everything here vanished off the website's sale section yesterday. But you might still get lucky at your local store.)

I fell for this cherry-red silk chiffon skirt, lined with a layer of burgundy that peeks out the bottom. This was marked down to $20 ($158). It flows as I walk in it, and Static-Guard will help it keep doing that this winter, especially with sweater tights (($7.50, down from $20) underneath for warmth. I like pairing a floaty skirt with a heavy sweater and boots. I already have a wild skirt, with several lace tiers that shade from red to burgundy from waist to hem; this one is much more sedate. It will be going out for holiday shopping and dinners this week, and it will brighten up dreary January and February days, too.

I decided to try on this merino wool knit skirt with an attached sash. It looked odd on the hanger, but it also looked like a thick, warm, fringed blanket, and I'm attracted to clothing that reminds me of bathrobes and bedclothes. Even though it was a size bigger than I need, it was surprisingly flattering — and warm.

I will probably live in it this winter, and it was a mere $35 ($148).

I also found a couple of tops, including a dusty-pink basic turtleneck and this unusual black ribbed cotton one, which has folds and pleats around the neck and on one shoulder. Each was $20 ($52 and $68). It works with both skirts and probably everything else in my closet.

And, finally, I got a leather belt that looks great with almost all of the dresses I own. I've been hunting for such a belt for more than a year, and the tiny ruffled edging on this one is just the sort of simple detail I'd been hoping for. And I am delighted to get it for $20 ($58).

Last night, I called the store and asked them to hold one of those bathrobe-like, knee-length wool cardigans I wrote about last week, which are now an irresistible $25 ($138). If I buy it, my tab still won't hit $200. My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, and now I have an answer, and he won't need to wrap anything, either (or risk my wrath for using the wrong paper). And it's a present for him, too: He won't have to look at me wearing the same tedious sweater six days a week for the next four months.

Finally, there's this: Anthropologie does price adjustments even on sale items within two weeks. I always hang onto my receipts. This shopping spree might get even better.


  1. I'm so jealous of your haul. I don't have an Anthropologie to stalk and everything good is sold out on the website. You really did well!

  2. This post has led to an epiphany for me. My wardrobe is In the sorry state it is because there are no stores with the selection or sales like this anywhere near where I live. That almost makes me feel better about it. Way to shop.

  3. I snagged the knee-length wool cardigan with wooden buttons for $25. I'm friendly with the personal shopper in the Boston store. She said sales like this strike with no warning; they had no idea it was coming. I'm vigilant about checking the website for new deals, and I'm very lucky to have a store in my neighborhood. I shop in very few stores, so I keep a close eye on the two or three I like.

    More things will probably appear on the website so check it out, especially in the morning.

  4. I'm with Kathryn and Michele: envy, awe and admiration for your shopping prowess. Enjoy your new togs. You deserve them!


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