Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

I suspect you were not so covetous nor avaricious as to visit the Anthropologie website on Christmas Day. I was, of course, and was rewarded with this charming quilled (curled paper) creation on the homepage:

This morning, I went out early on my traditional quest for half-price wrapping paper, buying rolls at Papyrus and Crane's. Then I met my husband at Brooks Brothers for their annual post-holiday sale. He stocked up on shirts and I talked him out of awful ties and into a couple of very nice ones. I'm not interested in further shopping for myself, since I lucked out at Anthropologie and Garnet Hill's great sales before the holiday. I'm already enjoying wearing those Anthro clothes and Garnet Hill boots immensely. (Usually my new things sit around for weeks in bags, with their tags still on, while I make sure I really like and want them.) I walked out of Crate and Barrel empty-handed today, avoiding the temptation of half-price sweets since we are overstocked with candy and cookies. I'll skip the annual white sales until next year, when we'll be living in a different house or condo, needing different things.

The highlight of the day was "reading" David McCullough's The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris. In other words, I napped on the sofa for much of the afternoon, with and without Possum sprawled across me. David McCullough is a great historian, a fine writer, a very nice gentleman, and a neighbor, but he invariably puts me out like a light. I did manage a few pages, and it's interesting, really, but there's no way I will finish the book, at this rate, before it's due at the library.

I wouldn't mind spending much of January "reading," though, under my warm throw on the sofa. I can't lift weights with my hand injury, so why not hibernate on dark afternoons after I get my 10,000 steps in the cold? It sounds like a good plan, especially if there's a pot of soup or stew simmering on the stove for dinner. It's not exactly a righteous New Year's resolution, but it sounds fabulous. My real resolution is to  do a major decluttering of this place when the tree and decorations come down, to make things easier when we move. I've had a lot of practice lately, although it won't be as much fun without a 40-yard dumpster. And I'll get back to weight-lifting and other exercising eventually, when my hand is better. Lifting that book is enough for right now.

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  1. Maybe The Neighborhood Association could sponsor dumpster block parties! People could chip in and hire a big boy, park it on the street and have a decluttering week.

    I loved The Greater Journey. I bought the audio book and have listened again and again. I have a number of his books on audio book for sleepless nights.


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