Friday, December 16, 2011

Re-Entry Time

Our house-clearing mission is officially ended and now we are bracing for "re-entry" — my relative is currently headed back into her "atmosphere." She's currently in Framingham, en route to encounter her decluttered, sparkling clean, wreath-bedecked house. The spacecraft metaphor is apt for her for many reasons, but particularly because her re-entry could be explosive. I will keep you posted but probably not tonight.

I'm a nervous wreck like the rest of my project team, some of whom are either driving to or waiting at the landing site.

Let's distract ourselves by looking at a nice photo, shall we?

I spotted some of "my" wreaths on doors along Marlborough Street and Commonwealth Avenue today. I found seven — nearly a third of my oeuvre. They looked good, although someone who has five of them forgot to cut off the tags and ribbons the Garden Club uses to keep track of sales and deliveries. The next time I go for a walk, I'll have to remember to bring scissors.

Here's my favorite from today:

Okay. So much for that. NOW WHAT? I'm kind of a wreck. I'm supposed to be decorating my tree but I think I'd break too many ornaments in this condition.

I think I'll sign off and pace back and forth in the living room. More tomorrow. Ten, 9, 8...

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  1. Hope you're imbibing that recovery gin or gingerale by now and that landing with parachutes intact was effected!

    Speaking of flotsam and jetsam of another type, I was strolling along Hingham town beach this morning, and I found what I think is a colonial era porcelain doll's head! I do have doubts since it's cheeks still have coloration, so maybe not so old, but charming and discombolobulating, nonetheless.


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