Friday, December 23, 2011

Those Darn Bows

As I posted earlier, I was not in the mood this year to embellish our Christmas presents with elaborate ribbons and handmade bows. I mostly used the pre-made, stick-on kind. Some of my relatives sniff at these as inadequate while others think they're too extravagant. As far as I'm concerned, these positions neutralize each other. I bought three bags of bows from CVS.

But I had no idea that these bows behave badly. We heard a lot of ruckus in the night; I assumed the cats were enjoying some tissue paper I'd left out for them. We didn't realize it was the bows escaping from their bags and stampeding around the living room. We woke up to this:

Bows had jumped off the table and freed themselves from their bags.

Wendy herded bows that were heading for the front door.

Snalbert and Possum guard the recaptured bows.

If you're thinking about buying bows, I suggest that you avoid the ones from CVS. They are rebellious and hard to control. Thank goodness we have cats who can help us keep them in line. 


  1. Oh, Snalbert and Possum...just be happy PB didn't stick one on your heads and snap a photo...Teri probably would have...Say Noes to Bows!

  2. This has all the ingredients for a viral YouTube video. The expression on Snalbert's mug is priceless!

    Thanks for the heads up on the wayward CVS bows. If they escaped here they'd be hiding out with the Peter Max dayglo ping pong ball and several MIA mice.


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