Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wreath-Making 2011, Day 4

Garden Club wreaths are now bedecking doors and interiors of houses all over Back Bay, the South End, and further afield. With my trusty ice pack and gloves, I made six wreaths today, for a total of 23, beating my record of 22 from last year. I wasn't very uncomfortable; I paced myself.

I decided to work primarily with large-scale materials today, so I'd need fewer items to fill the wreaths, which would help my hand. I also feel that large-scale decorations have more impact from the sidewalk than delicate, intricate designs. I used scores of good-sized pinecones; I love them because they remind me of the woods in Maine as well as Christmas. 

I added a little silver-wrapped Three Musketeers bar to someone's silvery wreath-in-progress. She laughed and I didn't see the candy bar again.

This pair of outdoor wreaths has cream-and-gold bows chosen by the customer, who wanted all-natural materials. I added lots of large pine boughs and cedar sprays, pinecones, magnolia leaves, and holly.

The wreaths below will appear on the front doors of a Garden Club member who decorates wreaths herself (it's an honor to work on a fellow member's wreaths). She chose bronze-gold brocade bows, my favorite. She specified "designer's choice for the materials. I used my magic formula of large pine boughs and cedar sprays, magnolia leaves, and pinecones, swapping out clusters of burgundy rose hips for holly. 

Here's another "designer's choice" wreath; this time with a burgundy bow. Pine boughs and cones are mixed with glittered chartreuse and burgundy glass balls, and lots of small, sparkly, gold-glittered branches.

I was shocked when I saw this photo of my last wreath, which I finished around 5 o'clock, just a couple of hours ahead of our last delivery. This was another "designer's choice," but the lime-and-burgundy bow was handed to me.  By late on Thursday afternoon, materials are often scarce, but I found some massive pine boughs, to add depth and drama.  I used different kinds of pinecones plus burgundy glass balls, and more of gold-glittered branches. But it looks like the wreath is either misshapen on the lower right side, or too "furry" along the bottom. I hope it's just the photo; no one noticed it when it went through inspection and photography. It's a very three-dimensional wreath, so I'm hoping the camera distorted it somehow. I wasn't THAT tired, honest! The customer is an old friend, so I emailed her that I can come over and trim the bottom it if it looks weird in reality:

After I finished, I had the usual, post-wreath-making endorphin high. No more performance pressure! I wandered around, visiting the other decorators, who were all doing FAR more amazing things with their materials than I can ever dream of doing. The wreaths the Garden Club makes are mostly marvels of creativity and elegance. They are easy to spot, thanks to their lush, distinctive bows and beautiful craftsmanship. I'm looking forward to admiring them all over town in the weeks to come. And I'm looking forward to decorating more, and doing a better job, I hope, next year.

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