Saturday, January 14, 2012

Current Craving: A Spoonful of Sugar

Or a coat like Julie Andrews wore as she flew around with her talking umbrella and carpetbag in Mary Poppins.
I confess I've seen that movie more than any other (not counting all the Godfathers). I saw it seven times in theaters, having gotten a head start when I was five. I still proudly play the soundtrack on my iPod, and I know every word. (Thanks to Dick Van Dyke's dreadful Cockney accent, which I could easily imitate, I got the lead in our school play when I was 13.)

My first role model

Anyway, the coat is from a British shop called Cabbages and Roses, and they don't ship to the USA. So no coat for me, but I will definitely visit on my first-ever trip to London... whenever that is.

Take a look around their site; they have "homeware" in the Shabby Chic vein, too, which has less appeal for me because I can get all the faded, flowered bedding I could ever want from my 97-year-old dad's house. But many of their clothing designs have interesting cuts and vaguely Edwardian styling, suggesting Laura Ashley collaborating with Alexander McQueen.

You seldom see anything like it around here unless you venture into AllSaints Spitalfields, which seems to specialize in clothing for very tall, thin, rich art students and musicians who are over being Goth but not entirely. But it seems that the clothes from Cabbages and Roses are not so over-the-top as to be costumey, which is a deal-breaker for Proper Bostonians. We know there's a fine line between what's considered drop-dead-fabulous vintage and what's considered ridiculous. As I see it, we Bostonians can successfully wear vintage or pseudo-vintage (which is often more desirable, being less moth-eaten and smelly) if one  —usually just one — item we're wearing looks like we rescued it from our grandmother's garret. But it should never look like it disappeared from the A.R.T's costume room after they finished a Chekhov production.

Nothing beats a spectacular coat or some extravagant-looking cold-weather accessories (and, geez, I have a black Mongolian lamb scarf I never wear) to make winter more fun for you — and for all of us who get to look at you.


  1. They do ship to the US, but you'd need to contact them directly to arrange that:
    "REST OF WORLD: we are able to deliver anywhere in the world through our Langton Street store. Please contact them on 020 7352 7333, where our mail order team will be happy to help."

    I bought a lovely wool skirt from C&R some weeks ago and haven't been wearing anything else since! (Well, almost...) I'd happily dress in nothing but Cabbages&Roses, Toast, and All Saints, if I could afford to. :)

  2. Hey again :)
    I live in a small corner of North-Eastern Europe, Estonia. The winter wonderland is beautiful indeed, but gets so, so tiresome (not to mention cold...) when it lasts for 4 months in a row!

    I considered ordering the red plaid skirt but it looked like it might be an awkward fit on someone with curvy hips, so I got the grey plaid skirt instead. The quality is good, and it has pockets, which was a nice surprise. But contacting them can be a bit of a hassle: I'm not sure if they don't have enough staff or if they were simply very busy in the run-up to Christmas, but I got no replies to my emails and only got a response when I posted on their Facebook wall. But since my order arrived just fine and I love the skirt, I'm not holding this against them.

    And Anthropologie, you say? I think this blog needs more outfit pics! :D


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