Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Hoarder Barbie!

For your amusement and horror: sculptor/photographer Carrie M. Becker's series, Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse. I'm amazed by the creepy authenticity of her doll-sized scenes, much of which Ms. Becker makes by hand and then photographs. I think she is ingenious and terrifically gifted to have imagined and created such exquisite miniature trash and assembled these frighteningly realistic scenes:

Photo and Sculpture by Carrie M. Becker

I'd be surprised if my Barbie turned from fashion addict to hoarder — my brunette twist-and-turn Barbie was always fastidious, even if we did store all of her tiny shoes in an old cotton sack that once held chewing-gum. She kept her wardrobe on hangers and her fur stoles and crystal-pleated palazzo pants neatly stored in cardboard drawers. Even her extra head and wigs were kept under wraps, too. Maybe your Barbie was more of a slob?

On the other hand, I had my doubts about Midge. In my opinion, this is her house.

Looking at these photographs is adding more fuel to my fire to declutter our apartment with a vengeance as soon as the tree comes down and the decorations are packed away this weekend. (As if I needed any more inspiration after last month's three-dumpster cleanup project.) I've already started tossing some of the obvious candidates.

See more work by Ms. Becker at www.carriembecker.me


  1. Hahameow! That is priceless! Oh, decluttering is made easier if, when you hold something in your hand...Say "Would I want to move with this"...that's my therapists advice and it's helped me a lot!

  2. Midge? No way.....I'm thinking Skipper.....


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