Monday, January 30, 2012

Laundry Day

Monday is Laundry Day for this Proper Bostonian, who follows the Victorian tradition even if she doesn't have a washboard, tub, and drying room as her ancestors did.

I keep our apartment-sized machines busy, often with three loads. The color load was unusually heavy today. More than 17 pounds heavier than normal:

 Should you launder fur? I guess not.

Possum doesn't usually burrow under things, so I was as surprised as I was charmed to find him hiding as I gathered everything for the washer.

I have been hinting for weeks that he needs a bath, but I don't think that was his motivation. He's been unusually taciturn on that subject. This was just a warm cozy place to nap.

I remembered this post from two years ago, when I worried that our kittens would sneak into the front-loading machine behind my back. I still double-check every load, even though barely any laundry could fit if Possum or Wendy were in there, too.

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