Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy Christmas

A pair of unlikely allies joined forces to protest the removal of the Christmas tree in our apartment yesterday. They occupied the boxes so I couldn't put away the decorations.

I can sympathize with their plight: it's hard to be a Furry Woodland Creature or a Wily Hunter of the Forest when you don't have even one lousy tree to hide under. But the tree was dropping needles by the bucket-load and it had to go. Today is the last day the City is collecting trees for recycling in our neighborhood.

Eventually both political protesters felt that they had made their points so they ceased their occupation and departed peacefully to pursue other goals, including dinner and howling.

1 comment:

  1. Present them with baskets of pinecones. The beasties here use them as IEDs as they commune with Nature. When I step on them, I explode with expletives, and the terrorists observe with fascination and glee.

    It may be that the reason those two buddied up is "the enemy of my enemy is my firend". Kat Karma is brutal.


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