Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Last Little Bargain

Without (almost) any prompting, I was lucky to receive four Anthropologie gift cards for Christmas from various family members. How did they ever guess?

The cards are made of thick cardboard, which makes my wallet bulge. To spare its poor zipper, I felt I had to spend at least one card right away.

There was one item I loved but didn't buy at the amazing pre-Christmas sale, when sale items were marked down another 50 percent — this black skirt by Leifsdottir:

The photo doesn't do it justice; it's beautiful in person. Most of the fabric is lightweight, sand-washed silk. There are several soft pleats, which are inset with lace panels. The waistband is covered in lace, and the vintage-style zipper is rose gold. There are panels of sheer silk chiffon around the hem and the silk lining is several inches shorter than the skirt, to show off their sheerness and the lace.

It's swishy and elegant, and just Goth enough to conjure a whiff of Harry Potter's Beatrix Lestrang and her sister Narcissa Malfoy, evil witches but classy dressers. 

I was taken with the design and material, but not the price. It was originally $348, marked down to a still-staggering $199.95. It was still $100 during the half-price sale, when everything else I found was $35 or less. So I kept watch over it in the online sale section. Last week, it was marked down to $99.95. And today, it went down to $49.95 and I pounced. With a fitted black tee, it will give me the equivalent of a unique Little Black Dress. And I can zip my wallet more easily, too.

It sold out quickly online, but the store on Newbury Street has it in most sizes because they are still marked $199.95. 

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  1. It appears that there was an earlier, unknown version of Anthropologie. I have the link to this newly discovered fashion gem at my name. The cover plate gets it exactly right - muff should always be worn on the left hand so as to leave the right free for suitors' kisses and admiration.


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