Friday, January 20, 2012

Possum Pontificates

When I told Possum about my experience at the library (see previous post), he asked me why I didn't just put my ears back and hiss if someone was coming too close for comfort. "That's what I always do," he said. "Hissing may be a nonviolent deterrent but it always means business. Be sure to show off your teeth. If that doesn't work, you should growl, but that's most effective if you have a tail you can fluff up at the same time. And then if that fails, you can either flee or bite, scratch, and kick."

I agreed that he had a point, although humans look stupid putting their ears back because it takes both hands. But hissing probably would have done the job yesterday, although it would have freaked out everyone standing in line with me, too. When I said this to Possum, he shook his head. "They should have hissed with you in solidarity," he said. "I guess humans aren't as evolved as cats are."

No, we're not. Have you ever seen a cat with an overdue library book?


  1. Please ask Possum to pontificate on his soporificity! Is it something in the air? That he eats? His reading material?

    A certain irritable insomniac wants to know.

    We may not be able to full body hiss like Possum, but some of us (ahem) can offer a mean withering stare. In fact, between my cousin and me, we used it as a verb, "did you wither her?" We didn't even need to pin our ears or arch our backs. Our tails, however, were another matter.

  2. There is a clear solution to your library problem. Fill one cat carrier with one Possum and proceed to the danger zone.

    Possum will hiss and you can remain A Proper Bostonian.

  3. I think I will adopt Possum's strategy for dealing with some people in public transport!


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