Friday, January 27, 2012

Scenes Around the Sofa

Wendy received a very large, pale green snake in the mail yesterday, a gift from her aunt. She doesn't know what to make of a toy this large, as you can see from her wide-eyed expression. I hope she warms up to it. I would love to see her carrying this serpent around, singing her head off, as she does with her little green fuzzy snake. I often choose toys based on how ridiculous they would look as Wendy's victims.

We know Wendy's favorite color is green because she loves her old green snake and her new metallic green mouse more than any of the dozens of other toys that we're always stepping on. She carries her green toys all over the house; we find them in new places every day, including the water dish. Wendy also loves green sparkly pompoms more than any other color — they are always the first to get lost under the bookcase. Usually all three of them disappear under there on the same day I fished them out. Then the other colors, beginning with pink, get stuck under a different bookcase; they are a lower priority.

While Wendy was on the sofa discovering her scary new snake, Possum couldn't be bothered.

We could all take lessons from Possum 
on how to relax and enjoy January.

He investigated the snake later and declared it "Gorey-esque," which I thought was astute of him. 

Possum considers the snake with an art-historical eye.

He tried to eat its yarn tail, gave up, and abandoned it for the sofa again.

Snalbert has been spending time on the leather chair, scheming about things computer-related. 

He's been smug since he almost managed to place an order on the Garnet Hill website. I think he's got more trouble up his fuzzy sleeve.


  1. What did new mega green snake EAT? It's digesting something enormous.

    It's nice to know that Wendy is green. Always helpful to have an environmentalist in the family. However, the pink in her life may also point to a streak of preppiness.

    I wonder if Snalbert is trying to download Angry Birds?

    P is for Possumus who was flattened by an omnibus...

  2. What a gorgeous pic of Wendy! She is such a beauty just like her momma cat.


  3. aek, that snake caught and ate a catnip mouse before we received it. Its midsection is full of catnip and stuffing, but no trace of the rest of the mouse remains.

    Hi Jenn! Wendy is a beauty like Lucy, and is still unbelievably sweet-natured. I hope Lucy has been adopted by now? Thank you again for rescuing both of them!


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