Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Kitten

I went to a condo open house deep in the South End today. Man, it was cold walking over there. I could feel my Philosophy sunblock freezing into crystals on my face. I have no idea how I managed to get my 10,000+ daily steps throughout last year's frosty, icy winter. It's already proving to be a challenge this year. (I spend many evenings jogging in place indoors, in my socks, with a book...)

I wasn't interested in the condo. It was lacking in original detail and private space outside, and it was too far from what I consider civilization (Trader Joe's). But I was extremely taken with the very young, resident kitten, who started purring madly as soon as she spotted me. I had her all to myself; it was marvelous. She loved being petted and held; she's going to grow up to be a friendly, beautiful cat. I couldn't resist taking a few photos to remember her by, and to show my husband what he's missing when he doesn't accompany me on these otherwise fruitless quests.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - No wonder you were smitten with that kitten! Don't let Possum see those photos - he may insist you go back there and bring him home for a playmate.


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