Friday, February 10, 2012

Car Candy: The Gucci Fiat 500

Last month, I spotted this Gucci Fiat as I was walking in Copley Place on a bitter day.

I've never had the slightest desire to own anything from Gucci, and I prefer the Mini Cooper to the Fiat, although I like both for their distinctive designs and tiny size. But when you put Gucci and Fiat together, well... that's Italian!  With interlocking "GG" logos on the hubcabs and the famous stripes inside and out, there are just enough Gucci touches to get the point across without going overboard. And you can order your car with matching luggage — how classy and chic is that?

I was surprised to see one parked on Fairfield Street the other day:

I thought to myself, "Who'd leave a Gucci out on the street? It should be safely tucked away in a box in the closet." But then I learned that these cars start at $23,500, not nearly what you'd expect for a designer-edition Italian car. It's a bargain when you consider that, for that amount, you could also buy a few (very few) Gucci bags.

For example, $23,500 would be exactly enough to get yourself five Gucci Python Stirrup Medium Top Handle Bags. They are $4,700 each, at Saks. But you wouldn't have one penny left to put inside one of them (and I'm not bothering with sales tax).

Which would you choose: one eye-catching car or five reptilian handbags?

I don't need two seconds to make up my mind. But I'd rather dream of a Liberty London edition of the Mini Cooper, with peacock-feather printed upholstery and more peacock feathers swirling across the roof and rearview mirrors:


  1. That is a cute little car. I prefer it sans stripes, although I do like the idea of matching luggage.

  2. Back in the 1970s the Continental Mark IV was available in four "Designer Series" trim options: Bill Blass, Cartier, Givenchy, or Pucci. Presumably the designers gave consent to allow their names to be associated with the cars. The car was a ridiculous barge, but the specific color combinations available on these models were quite tasteful.

  3. The Fiat 500 Gucci edition is relatively affordable considering the fact that a Gucci bag costs over a thousand bucks whereas the car is just $23k and decked out with the logo inside out. Way cheaper than Benz or BMW and also a lot more unique than the typical luxury car.


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