Saturday, February 25, 2012

Current Craving: Persian Style

Needing a short break from wearing myself out over whether to buy that Victorian house in Quincy, I decided to browse through some old bookmarks in my "Decorating" folder. Big mistake. On Bradbury & Bradbury's art wallpaper site, I stumbled upon their new "Persian Roomset,"which has nothing to do with cats:

All photos from Bradbury & Bradbury.

I know just the turreted parlor in Quincy that could use some new, exotic wallpaper. I suppose that this, ahem, rather lively Persian style is an acquired taste for most people in the 21st century, but my husband and I love it, having relished the splendors of Egypt's beautiful hotels, palaces, and mosques. Lest you worry that the ceiling looks too plain with just that border, let me assure you that there is also a magnificent medallion to set off your Persian chandelier.

We're all used to seeing this much color and intricate detail in a Persian carpet on the floor. What's wrong with letting it go up the walls to the ceiling? Not a thing!

This wallpaper would coordinate nicely with our three inlaid Syrian tables and my collection of Islamic-patterned candy tins from the early 20th century. I've got a Persian carpet, wicker and bentwood furniture, and some old paisley piano shawls, too. Oh, and two Persian cats, plus two more that could pass for Turkish Angoras if you ignore the big guy's Norwegian accent.

It seems that all I'd need to make a room like this a reality are one or two potted palms... and the right Victorian parlor. 

This was exactly the wrong way to distract myself from my housing dilemma. 


  1. Stunning! Go for the house in Quincy wih eyes wide open. I live in suburbia and would trade places with your bustling location in a minute. I would love to be able to walk everywhere I go. For me it isn't possible to walk anywhere but around and around the neighborhood. I never reach a destination other than right back where I began.

    Love your blog by the way.

  2. That is a great room - I could live in it with no problem, especially in February. I love the colours. But, would the cats really stand out against that background? If you take on this kind of project, I don't know that proximity to shops would be much of an issue, once you had the decorating materials on hand. You'll be too busy, and too broke, and too happy at home to need the outside stimulus.


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