Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Current Craving: Roxy's Winter Classic

I'm not a fan of food trucks. I prefer restaurants — they don't keep traipsing around the city to different,  obscure locations (except for Geoffrey's). If I'm hungry for something from a particular place, I want to go there and eat it directly. I do not want to have to consult calendars, websites, and Google maps. I do not want to play "Who Moved My Cheese Sandwich?" I want to eat.

Possum disagrees. He says hunting down one's food is thrilling and, once you've caught it, it's tastier and more satisfying. However, he made this declaration while lying in this position, which is about as athletic and predatory as he gets these days.

And he said that right after having his (very small) second breakfast this morning, of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul kibble, which he chased down in the kitchen where it was sitting in a bowl, motionless and in plain sight, right where he was expecting to find it. Possum never hunts; he doesn't even order takeout. He never has to play "Who Moved My Fancy Feast?" and I know he'd resent it if he ever did.

Anyway, I've just discovered that Stumbling Across Your Food can be quite as good as Hunting It Down, or Knowing Where It Is. I was walking home from the MFA yesterday, and found the Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese Food Truck along my route. I often see the truck, with its intriguing, cheese-laden menu, outside the Boston Public Library when I am not hungry. I never see it there when I am hungry.

So yesterday's sighting was finally the perfect confluence of me feeling starved for a grilled cheese sandwich and the Roxy's truck being in proximity to me.

And best of all, I had the truck all to myself. There's always a huge line when the truck is at the library so, even though I'm always tempted to sample a few truffle fries, I'd have to wait forever.

I had a nice chat with the fellow at the window and ordered the Winter Classic ($6).  Two more customers showed up as my sandwich cooked on the grill.

The sandwich was well worth waiting for, and even worth hunting down. Even worth walking pretty far out of one's way. It's made with wholesome bread and just enough cheddar cheese to taste rich and unwholesome — or gooey, which is my standard of excellence in grilled-cheese cuisine. The "Winter" elements of the sandwich are roasted eggplant and white bean ragoût, and some artichoke purée. These add creaminess, saltiness, messiness, and more goo — along with the righteous feeling that comes from eating three vegetables in your grilled cheese.

How can you not love all that? I loved it, even though I had to eat it walking down Hemenway Street, enduring the stares of envious Northeastern students.

After making a scientific determination that tomorrow is Thursday, I went to the trouble to look up the Roxy's website and list of locations. On Friday, the truck will be at the BPL between 11:30 and 3. I will be there, savoring both the goo and the thrill of the hunt. (I would rather have the sandwich for lunch tomorrow, but they will have Moved My Cheese too far away.)


  1. I'm so happy that you have found Roxie! I'm going to send this to them because they have the same fun, sense of humor that you possess and will love it!

    I could become a "Mighty Rib" addict if I let myself. Short ribs and cheese is genius!

  2. Well, this spells SNALBERT.

    Cheese+RoxieWebsite+CheeseMenu+CheesePatrol+ GoogleMaps+GPS+cat camouflageorangecoat=Snalbert scouting sortie as stowaway in PB's strolling streetwear.

    Don't say you weren't warned - better order an "extra" grilled cheese - hold the bread.


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