Thursday, February 9, 2012

Possum's Reptile

I discovered that same online shop that provided Wendy with a giant catnip-filled serpent also sells her original green snake. I ordered two as back-ups for when hers is in tatters from being carried in her mouth. I also requested one in a different color, just to see if it's the greenness or the snaky shape that attracts Wendy most.

The result of the experiment is that Wendy wants nothing to do with a pink snake or a new green snake. She loves only her old green snake, which had been slithering around the apartment unloved for a year or two before she arrived. I guess we'll never know why it alone has the magic to inspire Wendy to sing arias as she carries it all over the place.

Possum, however, took a liking to the pink snake, probably because it was fresh from the plastic bag where it had been "marinating" in high-class catnip:

Being both lazy and cool, Possum would not be caught dead walking around with a toy in his mouth. He  takes more of an "armchair" approach to exercise. I have never seen Splash, but my husband tells me that there's a scene where John Candy plays squash while smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. I'm afraid that would be Possum's style, if only he could.

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