Friday, February 3, 2012

Simplex Kettles Back in Business

I've been enjoying my Simplex kettle for a little more than a year now, after a tough search to find one of the last ones for sale in the United States. The venerable British company closed its factory without warning in the summer of 2010, after more than a century of manufacturing kettles. Last summer, I reported that a metalsmithing company had purchased the factory and planned to restart production soon.

An alert reader from Oxford, England, asked me to post the news again that Simplex is indeed back in business and plans to ship kettles to the USA beginning this month. Apparently my blogged struggles come up high in the Google results when Brits search online for "Simplex."  Sorry, ducks, I have no way to fix that. (Do Brits still call each other "ducks"? I only read historical fiction so I have no idea, but I hope so.)

My Simplex

To buy yourself a handsome, well-designed, problem-free kettle that will seriously last you a lifetime, click here. They are not cheap, but if you're the type who keeps buying and replacing crappy kettles, keep in mind that you will save money over the decades that you have this. It seems that they are only making the large-size, Edwardian-style kettle (would look perfect on Mrs. Patmore's stove in the Downton Abbey kitchen). It seems they are not yet making the more "Machine Age" beehive style.

But you'll still get your choice of copper or chrome, and gas or electric models. If you want one like Harry William and Kate have, get copper.


  1. My goodness - has Kate already left William and taken up with Harry?

  2. Oops, you heard it here first. I wasn't supposed to leak it until Mr. Murdoch sent me a check.

  3. I purchased a Simplex kettle in Sept. 10 2010. It's starting to rust under the screws that hold the handle on. Wouldn't buy another one.

  4. Have you read all the negative reviews of the new Simplex kettles on Amazon? They're all falling apart rapidly, leaking, and burning people, and the whistle is faint compared to the older versions. I just bought an old one on eBay. Nowhere on the company's website do they state "made in England." My guess is that production has gone to China, or they're sourcing metals and components from there. Probably doing all or most of the production there too, perhaps saving one small act, like slapping on the label, for the Brits to still be able to claim "made in England." Why don't you see what you can find out about all this and update us on your blog? Thanks.

    1. Good grief! I had given up on them ever getting back into production after I wrote this and still had trouble getting any. I'll look into this for sure. Thanks!


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