Sunday, February 5, 2012

That Garnet Hill Coverlet

My new coverlet, purchased during Garnet Hill's recent flash sale, arrived. It's a thing of beauty — huge, heavy, velvety to the touch, and all cotton.

When I began to unfold the coverlet on our bed to see how it would look, Possum got into the act by lying on it and rolling around, his long back feet waving in the air. Rolling around is not his style, since it expends calories and could be considered a form of exercise. But this coverlet has wonderful texture and he knew it instantly. I had to relocate him three times before I could position it properly. As you can see, he still couldn't resist a little frolic. It has an old-fashioned, Colonial look and he loves all things 18th century. He said the pattern set off his coat beautifully.

We both thought it looked great but as we examined the weave, it became obvious that it was too fragile for this four-cat household. It has a reversible design, with the other side showing the opposite colors, as you can see up by the pillows. The green areas are woven of chenille yarn, and Possum was quick to point out that the chenille would soon develop pulls, given the number of little cat feet that would walk and run across it. He offered to demonstrate but, before he could produce a single pull from his needle-sharp claws, I removed him one last time and quickly folded it up. Something this lovely needs to stay lovely; even a few pulls would be depressing.

Back it will go. I guess I should have chosen the sturdier, wine-colored voile quilt that Snalbert tried to order for me. Voile seems fragile but I've had good luck with it, and it's one of those rare cotton fabrics that releases cat fur easily when you brush it. But I think the best coverlets for cat households are made of matelass√©, preferably from Portugal. This cotton fabric is not exactly cozy — it's a little on the thin side — but it's rugged. And you can throw it in the wash without a second thought.

The six of us will be watching the Patriots tonight (and then fighting over switching to Downton Abbey around the fourth quarter) on a double layer of good old matelass√©.

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  1. Love the luxurious feel of! I, too, look at bedding and chose it by catdurablity, hahameow! My current bedding is a sage green velour-y kind of blanket that has withstood the cat's 'pricking' very well...though wish I could find a pretty patterned one...


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