Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brand-New Bag

About a month ago, I received one of those $25 J. Crew rewards cards they send me once or twice a year, after I've overindulged myself on sweaters or brought things for my husband. I know these are a sneaky way to get me to spend even more money, but I don't care.

The card's expiration date was March 15. On the 13th, I went to the J. Crew store to look around; I didn't see much of interest. I found this very soft hoodie on the sale rack. Visions of wearing it in Maine this summer danced in my head. But I couldn't decide if it looked cute or ridiculous on me. Those stripes are very bold; that model is very tall. It came down to the tops of my legs. I decided against.

On March 14th, all the stores in Copley Place were closed because of the blackout. They were also closed on the 15th, I discovered, as my expiring rewards card was beginning to smolder, prior to self-destructing. I figured I'd look around online and order something but got distracted and forgot. Yesterday, I remembered, and realized I knew just what I wanted. I went back yesterday, aiming for the men's store this time, figuring they'd accept my expired rewards card given the circumstances. 

Nope. Closed again; another generator or transformer fail. I walked home and called customer service, something I could have done at any time, except that I like to walk a lot every day. The rep quickly agreed to honor my card and successfully tracked down what I wanted: the Rugged Twill Briefcase Bag, which went on sale a year ago and hasn't been available online since. It's rare to get something this "old" from J. Crew. Here's the bag, which also works nicely as an overnight bag if you're a light packer:

I'd gotten one for my husband via a helpful fellow at the Copley J.Crew men's store a couple of months ago; he said there were only a handful left in other stores. (They make a new model now, which I think is ugly and he says is cheaply made.)

I'd been coveting one for myself, but figured I seldom take my laptop anywhere so why spend the money? But it's time for a new bag. Last summer, I packed my laptop into my 12-year-old nylon backpack for a meeting at a client's office. As I walked there, the backpack began gradually unzipping itself on my back. The front flap, which holds the laptop, flew open and dangled down by my legs, scaring the heck out of me. Fortunately, the laptop was in a neoprene sleeve attached by strong Velcro to that flap. Otherwise it would have crashed on the sidewalk. I haven't trusted that creepy old backpack since, although I think it might be fine as long as its double zippers meet up off to one side and not dead center, where the weight of the laptop was enough to pull them steadily apart. But I still worry whenever I use it. During the blackout, I carried my laptop in a Longchamp tote, which doesn't work well at all.

J. Crew offered 30% off all sale items yesterday, so between the sale price, the promo, and my gift card, my bag will cost me $16. 

Looking around on the web last night, I found this description of it on Rakuten Global Market, "Japan's No 1. Shopping Site, which says it all:  
It is a twill briefcase bag appearance from J.CREW! Of the combination of thick cotton twill and leather pat it, and textures increase so as is strong, and to embezzle it. It is the high-quality bag which feels feelings in detail. A pocket sticks together the front, back and is attached two pockets that one big pocket is moderate inward.
I'm secretly hoping that owning a handsome bag that behaves itself will lead to some decent freelance work. I don't know why I think this, but it's nice to believe in things. 

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  1. Totally classy bag - wish I'd known about it sooner. In a pinch, it would also make a great kitten tote - you know, in case you just happened on an adorable one somewhere.


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