Sunday, March 18, 2012

House Stalking

It's time to move. I'm more than ready. We've been hunting for a condo or house for more than two years and I'm quite sick of it. We're more willing to make some compromises in terms of space, price, location, and parking. What we really want is some old-fashioned charm. Nearly every shred of poetry and grace has been ripped out of almost every place we've seen, replaced by sheetrock and best-value items from Home Depot.

The house in Quincy is pure poetry but it's also in Quincy. We're still thinking about it but Quincy is not a walking city, and I'd probably feel annoyed and inconvenienced whenever I had to leave my poem of a home to get a loaf of bread, a library book, or a cat prescription. I'm so, so spoiled in Back Bay.

A tiny house just came on the market in Beacon Hill, with parking. It has five little fireplaces, but I think the living room is so small that it can hold only our sofa and a bookcase and not our armchairs, coffee table, or desk. It's small. Last night, I needed to escape from the charcoal-grill fumes that routinely pour into our apartment in warm weather, so I took a very long walk. I decided to check out the exterior of the tiny house. We're not going to tour it with our broker until tomorrow.

I needed Google Maps to find it, tucked away at the end of a tiny lane I'd never noticed before. The street is so narrow — a little wider than one car —that it's impossible to turn around. So everyone parks partly on the walking path and backs the length of the lane to get out.

I felt mildly stalker-esque peering at the house's glowing windows, but I soon realized I had company. An Italian couple had gotten there just ahead of me, double-checking that they had the right address by the light of an iPhone. At first we kept our distance and threw each other wary looks. But it's a tiny lane; we soon figured it out why we were all lurking, and found it funny. We discussed what we knew about the inside, and I told them about an equally tiny house for sale on the flat of the Hill that they didn't know about. I'll probably run into them again.

Today, my husband and I went to see the house in daylight, and there was another couple standing in front of it. I guess I'm not the only one ready to move.

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  1. There is a Fresh Market in Hingham that I was told is a cross between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. You would be one town away from World's End - believe it or not, it may exceed the loveliness of the Esplanade. And the Hingham Town Beach plus Nantasket Beach and Hull also beckon. Not to mention catching a Boston Harbor Island boat at the Hingham Shipyard/Ferry. There is commuter rail, the Red Line and a fairly robust bus schedule around the area.

    Not that I like that area or anything...


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