Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Feel Lucky

My $5 investment in last night's $640 Mega Millions drawing paid off in a $2 win; I got the PowerBall number. This is the best I've ever done playing the lottery, and my second $2 win. When I told Possum about it last night, this was his full reaction:

Note the left paw, gracefully wrapped around the right leg.

Well, I suppose money means nothing to him, he's a cat. But it's interesting: he may know nothing about how most of the world operates, yet he's perfected his superior, withering, cat-of-the-world expression.

I don't care. I'm happy with my $2 win. It means I'm improving at getting winning numbers, see? So if I keep playing — a couple of bucks a week, anyway — I will eventually get all six numbers. Yeah — and then we'll see if I get a more positive response from Possum when I announce that we can finally afford that bicycle rickshaw he still wants.

1 comment:

  1. My Swiss father-in-law asked if I had bought a Mega-Millions lottery ticket. Sad to say that I didn't - imagine the disdain that would have garnered from Possum!


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