Monday, March 12, 2012

March Heat

On Newbury Street this balmy afternoon, you'll find flip flops and tank tops, down jackets and thigh-high suede boots mingling together under the unseasonably warm spring sun. You'll find shirtless skateboard dudes dodging old ladies in fur-trimmed parkas and leather gloves. The happy medium seems to be capri leggings and ballet flats.

You'll see plenty of fro-yo and ice cream cones melting in pale, white hands — but none from JP Licks. They were forced out by their landlord, apparently. I saw the old teacup car getting packed into a truck this morning.

If you're unlucky, you'll see the woman in the hot-pink, hot-pants romper in front of Cafeteria. No rompers were spotted on any members of the nursery set playing at the Clarendon Street Park. Those babes are all sophisticated for their age.

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