Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birding with the Pros

Possum tells me that this is a great time for birdwatching — or birding, as more serious devotees refer to themselves. Songbirds and migrating birds are in the area, filling the air with chirping. 

Many of these birds like to sit and chatter on tree branches, temptingly near local pussycats lounging on sunny windowsills. 

Possum and Wendy never give up hope. While the birds rudely tease them, they both sit patiently, waiting for some plump little dinner entrée to magically fly through the window screen. They ignore the taunting, thinking only of the pleasures of a mouthful of feathers and crunchy pieces of leg.

Possum on the alert, hoping a bird will be beguiled by
his tremendous beauty and puncture the screen.

Wendy is also a dedicated birder.

Snalbert? Not so much. He's content with roasted chicken.

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  1. Birds on the brain:

    Roasted chicken was on the menu for all of us this evening. We have birds on a wire watching, angry birds on the porch roof watching, canny birds in the gutter watching and birds on the lam fly by watching.

    But today on the high (urp) seas, I saw a new one: dive bombing into the water for fish watching.

    Snalbert wins (again). Wendy's expression is priceless, and Possum - well, Mr. DeMille - he's ready for his closeup.


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