Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hidden Garden

It's good to walk Back Bay's alleys instead of its streets occasionally, in broad daylight. You never know what you might find, even when it isn't a trash pick-up day. (And on trash days you can score furniture, books, really bad art, and more.)

Today I discovered this gem of a garden with tulips and wisteria in full bloom, hidden behind an old wooden fence with round cut-outs. 

I took this picture with my iPhone, so apologies for the blurry fence:

This is the kind of space my husband and I dream of finding, attached to a condo that hasn't been renovated to generic blandness, Home-Depot cheapness, or outright ugliness. It seems to be a rule that the best outdoor spaces (in our price range) are attached to the worst condos. If we could camp outside year round, we'd be fine.

If we had a garden like this, we'd fill it with potted flowers, tomatoes, and herbs. We'd train vines and morning glories (if we have sun) on the walls, test-drive lounge chairs, and fight over wind chimes (him: pro; me: against). We'd spend every minute we could out there, reading, napping, eating meals, and working. Possum would be allowed out to sun himself and chase bugs if we carefully sealed the fence so he couldn't sneak out to the Capital Grille. I think Wendy is too wild, and Snalbert too nervous to appreciate the outdoors, but if they were interested, we could put them in harnesses and see what happened next.

I continue to hope there will be a garden or a deck in our future. May we find it soon so we can put that house in Quincy out of our minds for good


  1. There is a tour of the alleys called "Back Bay Confidential" scheduled as a part of Preservation Month.

    William Young will lead it on May 15th and he will be at his wry best. You make the reservation through NAAB

  2. Thanks, Penny, for that info. I didn't realize there was an entire month of events. I see I'll be wandering around the Fens come Sunday afternoons!


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