Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

I know that some of you are feeling deprived or downright jealous, and I don't blame you. Why should the Proper Bostonian have all the delights and excitement of belonging to a sweet, gorgeous, affectionate, fluffy, brown-and-white tabby, name beginning with "P," who loves to rub against his person's legs and cuddle lovingly in her arms?

So I'm making you a very generous offer. Yes, you can have him, The Cat of a Lifetime. I'm passing on treasure in a spirit of Buddha-esque selflessness and Christian renunciation.

He's everything you ever dreamed of in a cat, and more. He's brilliant, curious, intrepid, regal, enjoys belly rubs, makes adorable conversation, and loves to be around other cats. And he's about 3 years old, a perfect age.

Yes, I am bravely giving up Mr. Pppp....

Pickles. That's him, above — Mr. Pickles. Look into those smoldering, all-knowing eyes and tell me you aren't smitten. Yeah, he's got both of his ears; you can't have everything.

Mr. Pickles (no relation to Mr. Possum that we know of, although they seem to use the same tailor) is waiting for you to adopt him at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. And you'd better hurry up before I lose my religion and beat you to it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my. At first (make it three) glance, I thought you had published a photo of Dustin.

    I think Mr. Pickles would make a wonderful addition to the PB household. Snalbert needs another scout for the Cheese Patrol.


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