Sunday, April 1, 2012

Le Poisson d'Avril

Possum thought today was "Possum d'Avril," a holiday centered on him. Specifically, he feels this holiday entitles him to elevenses, brunch, lunch, tea, and an evening snack in addition to his standard breakfast and dinner. Rather than argue, I directed him to the appropriate Wikipedia entry about the French holiday; I am learning. He scanned it and  stalked away silently, on a huff.

This was after he posed for this photo with Wendy:

As you can see, Possy is not being starved.

Wendy is, as usual, sitting on my Pennsylvania tax forms, which I have yet to complete. She's eager to have me finish them because she worries we'll be homeless if I don't. I won't procrastinate much longer; In the meantime, they're getting covered with her silky fur. I hope whoever processes them isn't allergic.

Today is also Snictoria's 18th birthday, which I never thought she'd celebrate since she's been ill for almost four years. She's taking four daily medications. But she is still stumping around on her shaky legs, seeking extra food, warmth, and soft sleeping spots. She sleeps at our feet at night and curls up next to us in armchairs every chance she gets. 

Snicky sleeping, yesterday.

Life has become increasingly narrow and difficult for her, as it does for all who are frail, old, and ill, but she still does pretty much as she pleases. She's also still strong enough to put up a nasty fight when it's her evening pill time, which is my job. She bit me right through my fingernail the other night, which made me scream. I'm sure she enjoyed that. I wish you another year of sleeping in the sun, Snicky.

I don't want to leave Snalbert out of the news roundup although all I have to report about him is that he opened up my iTunes account last night while I was out. He doesn't know my password (even I can't remember it) so he didn't get far. I think he is interested in Madonna's new album, although he denies it.

Who, me?


  1. A very Caturday, sweet and love the photos as always...

  2. I'm almost certain Snicky is peeking out of her left eye. It's a wonderful picture of her, reigning over the softest spots.

    Snalbert appears to be hatching a new plot. Debonaire et dangerous.


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