Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lilacs in April. Whatever.

The lilacs are blooming now instead of in May, which is when lilacs always, always bloom. I'm happy to see and smell them whenever they appear, but I think we'll feel let down when the blooming season ends early this year and we settle in for a long, dull, hot summer. 

From a wonderful old bush on Marlborough Street, today.

I'm trying to readjust my seasonal expectations. I had been looking forward to a "long and lustrous winter," as Bill Murray famously said in Groundhog Day. Instead we had a pathetically brief, half-hearted winter and a quick but emphatic early spring. I think we're unofficially into summer now. Tube tops, short-shorts, and blasting car stereos are out in force, air conditioners are cranking. I am sweating and crabby. Where's the farmer's market? They should be opening weeks early, too....

I'm notorious for hating hot weather but I'm trying to change my attitude and become more tolerant. This year, I'll find ways to deal with it. After all, I shouldn't have to do so for long, given the accelerated schedule we're on. By my calculations, the leaves will start turning in July and we might have a little snow by September. Fine with me.

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  1. I got snootfuls today, and while I love the scent, it's off, off, off, for this time of year.


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