Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Sartorialist in Boston?? Sadly, No...

I keep several blogs bookmarked and I visit them most mornings over breakfast. I find it inspiring to follow creative, well-written, elegantly illustrated blogs, a refreshing change of pace from my own. Too bad they're not rubbing off on me.

One of my daily reads is The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman's renowned street-fashion blog; I also read Garance Doré, his wife's gorgeously illustrated fashion blog. Together, they inevitably make me feel sartorially hopeless, but that's just a dose of reality. At least I'm wearing a perfectly good bathrobe as I read them. My robe, a pricey cranberry cotton velour wrapper with 1940s lapels, could indeed be Sartorialist-worthy on some other woman — someone very tall and thin, with a striking face and a trendy haircut. She might layer my robe over a metallic tank, a worn leather mini, boots with sky-high heels, a pork-pie hat, and a half-dozen necklaces. Maybe some morning, I'll open the Sartorialist and see my robe  there, on a Manhattanista with a serious expression and a sidelong glance for Mr. Schuman.

Anyway, when I saw this morning's Sartorialist post, I practically dropped my toast with the peanut butter side down.

It was this stunning photo:

Naturally, I thought he had somehow discovered Possum. Those eyes, those scruffy whiskers, that fluffy ruff, that attitude.... who else could it be? I quickly scanned the page and found out that, no, it's actually a New York fashion designer, Yigal Azrouël. He's not Norwegian, but he still looks remarkably like Possum. 

I should have known; The Sartorialist never hangs out in Boston. I suspect he's afraid he'd be overwhelmed by so many of our fashion-forward photo prospects that it would give him hives or a nervous breakdown. So he spends his time in less abundant locations like Manhattan and Paris.

Anyway, it's an astonishing resemblance, don't you think? (Possum is on the right.)


  1. That guy has seen Possum, though, somehow, and is definitely a wannabe. Did you notice how we can't see his left ear in the photos? He must be purposely hiding it because it does not have the requisite notch, and would expose him as the poser he is!

    4cats (formerly 4catstoo)

  2. I was not going to mention that missing left ear because I've heard rumors of gentlemen making appts with vets and asking to have their left ears notched, hoping it will make them irresistibly attractive. The PB won't encourage or endorse this, because such notching must be accompanied by another, even more life-changing procedure.

    4cats, you are very sharp! And who but a wannabe wears a fur-trimmed parka in late April in Paris? Still, there's something about this guy I can't help admiring. He's trying hard and it seems to be working...

  3. He's not quite as handsome as Possum, an impossible task in any case, but I agree the gentleman has made an admirable effort!


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