Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Car Candy: The McLaren MP4-12C

Last night was another of those occasions when I'm so mesmerized by an amazing car that I absent-mindedly walk into traffic. This time the dangerous curves belonged to a McLaren, parked in front of the Mandarin (naturally), and glowing fiery orange in the deepening twilight.

I may only have a learner's permit, but I can assure you that, should I actually get a driver's license, you will never see me behind the wheel of a Camry. Life is short, and it's even shorter for me — car-wise, that is. (And if I keep walking into traffic, it's going to be short in all ways.) Having lived for decades without wheels of my own, I am going to insist upon driving something racy, even if I'm a ringer for the Little Old Lady from Pasadena by the time I get around to it. I'm predicting it will be an ancient, ratty Porsche, although a battered Z3 might be more realistic, and I might have to settle for a Miata. 


  1. I had my 'affordable dream car', a '94 Jag XJS in Carnival Red(like the Brazilian Carnival, not like those cheesy sideshows, I'll have you know)and for 7 years, I felt like a movie star every time I was in it. When Mike died, I finally unloaded it and am happy with my Prius with the flowers I put down the sides...

  2. I'm going to have to scan and show you the photo of the "company car" I bought when Ed and I owned a small business. Ed's Quote were along the lines of: "I can't believe my wife bought this car." And, "I can't believe my wife loves to drive this car...... off the line."

    I'll have to go through the old photo files and this make take a trip to a storage facility in brookline.

    More to follow....


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