Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeding the Cat(s)

Although we dread a recurrence of Erupting Cats, we need to find something that Snalbert will eat. Our vet half-heartedly recommended Science Diet K/D, a prescription canned food for cats with kidney disease, although she warned us they usually hate the stuff.

"But Snalbert is weird," I said. And sure enough, he loved it. Other members of the family were also very interested in his stinky, yucky-looking food:

Wendy and Possum watch Snalbert eat. We leave his carrier 
out for a few days after vet visits so Possum can nap
 in it, dreaming of a trip home to Norway.

Aggrieved expressions — both youngsters are on diets.

Wendy muscles in; Snalbert lets her share.

Possum decides it's his turn.

If you're going to steal food, be polite
about it and use your paw, says Possum.

Although Snalbert loved his new food in the afternoon, his interest waned by suppertime. His passions are often short-lived except for cheese and other people food. Even so, I returned to the vet for more cans. I suspect that having the other cats nearby, watching with jealousy, whets his appetite. And I'm sure that scene can be recreated without much prompting.

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  1. Your devotion and love for the cats is wonderful.
    I was doing a search for kidney symptoms in reference to one of our cats and Snalbert's little face showed up and I had to click. Thank you honestly, thank you for sharing. We have a couple of ferals and girls who just showed up on our doorstep and they all LOVED the French kitty commercial.
    Happy healthy loving wishes for your little kitty family.


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