Monday, May 21, 2012

The S.E.W.P.A.S.

Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of Snalbert yelling his head off. According to our vet, Bertie's chronic renal failure is getting worse and he recently reached "the final frontier"— he's getting subcutaneous hydration twice a day. That means there's not much more we can do for him beyond trying to keep him comfortable. He gets several pills a day now.

Our vet is worried because Bertie is too thin and has no appetite, so we're trying everything we can think of to get him eating. A significant portion of our kitchen counter is Snalbert's pharmacy these days. We're still syringe-feeding him, which is not a long-term solution. Fortunately, he's a weird cat and he enjoys it. We're also sprinkling smelly treats on top of nicely warmed bowls of wet food to enhance its flavor and entice him to eat by himself. I crush his favorite Whisker Lickin's treats into "Magic Pixie Dust," but he's expert at eating that while leaving the food below untouched. The same thing happens with disgusting dried fish pieces.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Possum are beside themselves because they long to eat his wonderful, warm, smelly food and it is forbidden; they're too fat.

So, when I heard Snalbert howling, I expected the worst. Pain, a blockage, a crash. But I had underestimated him. He was simply deploying his Snalbert Early-Warning Pancake Alert System (S.E.W.P.A.S.) on full blast. Bertie knows when my husband is merely contemplating the concept of pancakes. And, lo, he was actually making them, for the first time this year.

Besides being a cheese connoisseur, Snalbert is a carbohydrate fiend. He was already on the table, demanding his share:

Snalbert awaits his pancakes. Note that Possum left a mouse on the table.
If you consider this sort of thing unhygienic, that's because it is.
But we don't care.

He knows I'm watching, so he can't snatch a pancake.

After getting nice, syrup-soaked pancake bits in his bowl, 
He dropped them on the table before enjoying them.

It's hard to worry about a cat who's chowing down pancakes.


  1. I have visions of Snalbert with an Easy Bake oven and pancake batter looking like the scene from Lucy on the assembly line at the candy factory.

    Good on Snalbert! (Cheese syrup?)

  2. Glad to see Snalbert feeling better!

    So after much prodding and poking, I've convinced my husband to visit Boston! We're coming May 31- June 1 and I need a good recommendation for a Italian restaurant in the North End. I know there are 5843502 there, but I don't want to just pick randomly knowing some are probably tourist traps. Do you have any suggestions?

    OH! And we'll be staying in Back Bay and I really want to try out that crepe place that you wrote about not too long ago. What was the name of it again?

    Thanks a million!

    Kathryn in Richmond

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    I hope you have a great visit to Boston!

    Unfortunately I'm not a foodie, so I'm the wrong person to consult about restaurants. In the North End, we head to Galleria Umberto at lunchtime. The menu is cheap and simple (pizza, calzones, arancini and panzarotti), the line is long, and they close whenever the food runs out. For dinner, we love the pizza at Regina's, where we expect a line, too. Visit Chowhound's Boston site for hot debates about North End restaurants. Maybe Antico Forno would be my choice, but I love Regina's. For fancy Italian, we go to Bina, which is closer to the theater district.

    I'm also sorry to tell you that the crèpe place was a pop-up restaurant that closed in November, a week after I got there. I don't think they've relocated. I can't recommend another crèpe place, but if you're in the mood for fondue, try The Wine Cellar on Mass. Ave. And be sure to visit (Boston for grownups) a great blog filled with good things to do and see and eat in Boston.

  4. I appreciate your suggestions! I'm not a foodie either, just prefer suggestions from people I 'know.' Ha!

    REALLY bummed about the crepes. Maybe I'll search for a hot brunch spot instead.



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