Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snalbert Is at It Again

We went out for several hours tonight, and returned to find that Snalbert had been busy on my laptop. I should have known, because we had all watched the new "Sherlock Holmes" episode on "Masterpiece Mystery"on Sunday night, and that sort of modern-day mystery stuff is right up Bertie's alley. Bertie likes to be mysterious.

He did at least two computer-wide searches, one for "///////" and another for "888888888888." But he was searching an "alias" for "This Mac." I never made such an alias, although I suppose he may have, not that I will be able to find where he put it. I also can't figure out how he requested that particular kind of search; I can't recreate it. But I suspect he knew what he was doing even if it makes no sense to me.

Snalbert's computer activities baffle me.

I have deduced that eights have some importance in the feline alphabet but that's as far as I've gotten. I'm not terribly Sherlockian; my powers of deduction are limited, although they are useful for certain things, like finding four-leafed clovers and knowing when strangers on the street are about to ask me to chip in for a bus ticket to Providence. But I am not the Champollion of the cat language yet, although I'm working on it. Snalbert's not telling, they never do. But if he keeps composing on my keyboard, I may crack the code yet.

Bertie enlarged all of the screens he opened to make them easier to read. I don't know how to do this, nor how to fix it. My husband had to work it out. I found that he also opened my iTunes to play Mozart, although he must have turned down the volume when he heard us coming in. I had him pegged for a country-western fan given all the howling and yodeling he does. He always manages to surprise me. 

He also opened the stock market widget on my Dashboard to check on the Dow and the NASDAQ — something I never did since I got this laptop two years ago. I didn't know I had this widget. I also didn't know cats followed the financial markets, but then they keep so many of their interests close to the vest. For all I know, he owns Apple and Google stocks. That would be a nice surprise... if not all that surprising.

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