Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snalbert Sur la Table

Snalbert was on the table as we were getting ready for lunch today. It's a good thing, because some slices of our new favorite baguette (B&R — thanks for the tip, Penny) tried to escape. Snalbert subdued  a couple of slices before they had a chance to get very far. He agrees that B&R baguettes are unusually delicious and well worth the long walk to Savenor's.

Then he settled in and did his best Winston Churchill imitations:

He's going back to the vet tomorrow for more tests. We're hoping he's improved since his last visit and that his kidney problems are under control. But he's still too skinny. I was tempted to let him have some of that baguette. I'll ask the vet if we can indulge some of his carb-fiend activities.

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  1. Portia was supervising Mlle at the keyboard - laptop, not harp, and she spied Snalbert's dignified profile. Now I can't budge her from the screen - she's transfixed by his amazing world leader atmospherics.

    We're all hoping for the best (and Portia states categorically that pancakes and baguettes are on a kidney diet's must haves).


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