Monday, May 7, 2012

Up in the Air

We went to a party yesterday afternoon on a private roof deck at the Hotel Cambridge (aka Beacon Towers) on Beacon Street at Mass. Ave. This is the 10-story building that suffered a 9-alarm fire in April, 2010. Our host lives in one of the penthouses. We enjoyed stunning views of  Back Bay and beyond — the South End, downtown, Cambridge, the Charles, Fenway Park (where we could see the walls and the crowd during extra innings), and all the way to Coolidge Corner down Beacon Street.

View to Cambridge from a very high, secluded roof deck

Beacon Street, looking toward downtown.
The deck is higher than any surrounding buildings, 
so views are unobstructed.

Back Bay basks in afternoon sun

Fenway Park is a bright green speck near the horizon. 
We could see the green walls around the field with binoculars.

Views to Brookline and Coolidge Corner

We did not see the "super moon," since it didn't show up until it became too cold and windy to stay on the roof. Warmth and chocolate cake beckoned downstairs, along with plenty of similarly amazing views from windows facing in three directions.

Our host, a visionary thinker and inventor, decorated his cakes with pieces of holographic chocolate he had made; holography is one of his areas of wizardry. It looked and tasted like magic:

It's chocolate AND it sparkles: heaven.

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