Saturday, May 19, 2012


I am feeling better, thanks to plenty of risotto and applesauce. Today we went for a walk around Walden Pond, which I haven't done in at least 20 years. There were many swimmers at the beach and one intrepid pair crossed the pond a couple of times.

The nicely aging replica of Thoreau's house reminded me of Beacon Hill studio rentals I've seen in my time, although those usually didn't have such nice windows. The "not-so-big house" movement really began with him, and I can only wonder if trendsetters will soon be inspired to live in one small room heated by a stove — without a kitchen or a bathroom, great room or mud room.

We were disappointed to discover that the easy path around the pond is mostly bordered on both sides with a wire fence, to keep people from wandering curiously in the woods, as Thoreau did with abandon. Since I do most of my hiking in Acadia National Park, I'm not used to being fenced in as we circle Jordan Pond, or take any of scores of trails up there. So the fencing was odd, but we still enjoyed the scenery as viewed through its wires. The best thing was passing under a noisy swarm of bees, probably busy around a hive that we couldn't see. Their humming was deep and vibrant, really wonderful and strange to hear.

Some photos:

The fenced trail around the pond.

With the trees in full leaf, the woods seemed almost 
as lush as in mid-summer.

Pond scum gets such a bad rap. 

On the way out, Henry borrowed my iPhone.

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  1. I am embarrassed to say I haven't been to Walden Pond in years. Seeing the pictures made me really want to bring the family down there so i think we'll plan a visit for next weekend, weather permitting.


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