Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maine in June: Bar Harbor

We took a walk along West Street, which runs along the bay in Bar Harbor. It's a quieter part of town, a bit removed from the scores of shops and restaurants, which are hopping throughout the summer, but especially busy when a cruise ship is docked. From West Street, we kept going along the water, and wandered through a private club and hotel. From there, it's a quick trip to the town dock and then the Shore Path, a scenic route along Frenchman Bay. Some photos:

A yellow house on West Street with columns and a view of the sea.

Gray shingles and the harbor in the backyard.

Islands in Frenchman Bay from the water's edge.

The waterfront pool at the Bar Harbor Club and Spa.
(It's members-only, but we sauntered through.)

Our slightly eccentric path took us through the club's 
parking lot, where we admired this VW Beetle's
spotless white leather interior. A perfect summer car. 

An even nicer pool at the Harborside Hotel, next door.

The Margaret Todd waits to board passengers near the town dock,
while the Holland America Maasdam is anchored in deeper water.
We've seen that ship here so often that we recognize it.

On the Shore Path: Ledges and the bay on one side,
hotel and enormous "cottages" on the other.

The lovely view from someone's backyard...

This Tudor-style house has manicured grounds and formal gardens.

That purplish tree is actually a lilac in full bloom.
I'd never seen a tree-size lilac bush before. Amazing.
I was sorry we had to keep our distance.

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